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25 statements about narcissism

You are burdened by communication with daffodils? You are not alone. From time immemorial to today, many writers, poets, philosophers and scientists have spoke out on this topic. Family Psychotherapist Dan Newhart compiled a selection of 25 most vivid quotes about daffodils.

1. Narcissism is closer to self -hatred than self -assembly.
Christopher Lash, writer

2. Half of all evil in the world is happening because of people who want to feel their own importance. They always justify themselves, as they are conducting an endless struggle, trying to always be satisfied with themselves.
T.WITH. Eliot, writer

3. Narcissus do not like those who do not admire them. Those who admire are indifferent to them.
Mason Kuli, essayist

4. There is no one kind of narcissus while you live according to his rules.
Elizabeth Bowen, writer

5. In the depths of the so -called narcissistic personality, of course, shame and paralyzing fear of being ordinary is hidden.
Brane Brown, researcher

6. You can’t please the daffodil. He will be terrible to relate to you, as a result you will pull away and fall into depression. And in the end you will hear something from him in the spirit: “It became uninteresting with you. You are forever in longing. I need someone more positive “.
Susan Williams, writer

7. Psychologists include narcissism to the category of so -called personality disorders. By many standards, it can be called the worst of these disorders, if only because the daffodils themselves do not understand at all what was the matter.
Jeffrey Clger, writer

8. When people go crazy, they have a neurosis or psychosis. When they drive others crazy, they have a personality disorder.
Albert J. Bernstein, psychologist

9. How hungry are you that my heart has become food for your ego.
Amanda Torroni, writer

10. Narcissism is voluntary blindness, the promise not to look deep into.
Sam Kin, writer

eleven. Narcissus parents

are well able to pretend that everything is fine, so their children often do not understand what was wrong. During therapy, you can often hear from them: “I had caring parents and a wonderful childhood. I must be grateful “.
Heather Schipher, writer

12. If you want your attitude towards you in a second to turn from admiration into contempt, just offend something Narcissus.
Tigress Luv, blogger

13. Parents must love his freedom with love. This does not happen if their eyes are as if sealed by narcissism.
Jane Fund, actress

14. When the daffodils flaunt themselves, they want to become an object of admiration – like three -year -old children, and for the same reasons. They crave attention. For example, they dress inappropriately, they say too loudly, aggressively gesticulating, violating someone else’s personal space.
Mark Ettenson, psychotherapist

15. Again and again, I am convinced of what grave consequences pathological relations lead to [with narcissions], slowly and imperceptibly destroying us.
Sandra Brown, psychotherapist

16. Trying to achieve adequate behavior, any manifestation of humanity or empathy from the narcissus is like fighting your head against the wall. If he suddenly begins to show these qualities, he probably has a selfish motive. Narcissus behaves as a worthy person only when he needs something.
Tina Suitin, writer

17. Now I know that one of the qualities inherent in evil is the desire to confuse everything.
M. Scott Pek, writer

18. It does not matter how developed the social skills of pathological narcissism are, in any case, he has big problems with attachment. Such a daffodil froze in childhood.
Samuel Lopez de Victoria, psychotherapist

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