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Connor then says to Jude he appeared to their dad once the gay, and make Jude look so you’re able to themselves

Connor then says to Jude he appeared to their dad once the gay, and make Jude look so you’re able to themselves

Despite Jude’s experimented with discouragement, Connor turns out taking a beneficial swig of a bottle out-of whiskey obtained on the girls on house pub. Passing the fresh bottle to help you Jude, the guy unwillingly takes an excellent swig also. When he do so, Taylor’s father hears this new noises and screams away, ultimately causing Jude to drop brand new container and you will, thus, shattering they.

Inside Not that Kind of Girl, it is revealed that Connor are test, in the new legs additionally the injury is none major nor permanent. Connor’s dad, Mr. Stevens, harshly reprimands him to own his methods and you may requires knowing if the Daria is why the guy snuck aside. Connor insists you to she actually and you can, just like the his father will continue to shout in the him, snaps and you may yells that he snuck call at order to see Jude. Surprised, Mr. Stevens requires what that’s supposed to mean. After that it, Mr. Stevens goes into a healthcare facility would love to Stef, Lena and you may Jude. He assures all of them that Connor is okay and you may denies Jude’s almost quick demand to see him. The guy asks to talk to Lena personally and you can, moments after, she tells Jude that Mr. Stevens does not want him to see Connor any longer and this Connor, supposedly, told your that coming away and you will drinking is all their tip. Even with Lena inquiring in case it is correct, Jude does not answer in fact it is only during the amaze.

Yourself, Callie need knowing why Jude performed exactly what the guy did and you can soon tells him to avoid spending time with Connor, calling him a detrimental dictate. At that, Jude flat-out says to her to shut up-and you to Mr. Stevens banned him out of enjoying Connor whatsoever. Callie aims advising your it is to find the best and he’s going to build the fresh new family relations. Yet not, Jude snaps in the their own just to get off your alone and you will storms regarding, slamming the door at the rear of your, providing Callie in order to tears for how the guy yelled at their own.

At school, Jude incurs Taylor and he says to their particular just how he was blocked from enjoying Connor and just how he purportedly cast the newest fault on to your. Taylor was baffled which he should do you to definitely, claiming there need much more for the tale, and you can informs your you to definitely she along with her father will likely select Connor in order to apologize. She proposes to log off him a contact. Jude tells their unique to simply query him ‘why’.

Afterwards home, if you’re starting research, Jude receives a text message regarding Taylor’s matter. Although not, it’s soon revealed getting Connor messaging Jude using Taylor’s mobile, just who offered they in order to your to make contact with Jude. Texting to and fro, Jude asks why the guy blamed the fresh event to your him.

But Connor informs him which he never advised their father de beste chatterommene it was their suggestion so you can sneak away and you will take in

Finally of one’s Delivery, Jude decides to wade discover Connor even after being banned regarding seeing him. The guy paints their nails blue (just like the “war painting”) and you can happens a medical facility, sleeping that he’s a sibling of your own family relations to get their place count, and you may begins to visit the room. He runs into Mr. Stevens, who is just leaving the bedroom, who notices him and you may reminds your he isn’t really permitted to get a hold of Connor. Jude, position his surface, informs your which he wants to find his buddy and you will actually making until the guy do.

The new high school students you will need to flee regarding household, only for their unique dad to run from the bed room and you may take within them

Later, Lena becomes a call off Mr. Stevens exactly who says to their unique that he is going to get a great coffee and wants to get a hold of Jude gone by the full time the guy gets right back, harmful to call defense. Immediately following the guy makes, Lena aims consoling Jude you to definitely she knows just how mundane it is to reduce a buddy. But not, Jude informs their you to definitely Connor isn’t really his buddy, complicated their. The guy confesses that he lied in regards to the tent experience for the camping journey. He acknowledges there weren’t people girls in the tent. It absolutely was just your and you will Connor, and they kissed. He states exactly how ever since then, they have been a great deal more upcoming simply family relations. Lena hugs him as he begins to cry, unacquainted with Mr. Stevens’ return and viewing all of them regarding afar.

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